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Women, money & sudden wealth

Mar 8, 2016 ETFCM Media

etfcm, Kelley Keehn

Government and industry experts sat down for a first-ever round table on women and personal finance for a robust discussion on the issues that face women when receiving a sudden sum of money from a divorce, inheritance, sale of a business and more.

Sponsored by ETF Capital Management and hosted by personal finance educator, Kelley Keehn, seven experts and successful business women shared their views on the realities that are causing women financial stress. An edited twenty minute video, a full length one hour unedited video, an industry report and a comprehensive micro website have been created for this year’s International Women’s Day.

At the table was: Jane Rooney, Financial Literacy Leader of Canada with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Rose Reisman with Rose Reisman Catering, Joanne Stewart with Lerners Family Law, Robyn Graham with ETF Capital Management, Cynthia Kett with Stewart & Kett, Mary Aitken with Verity and Kelley Keehn.