OUR CLIENTS ARE EXCEPTIONAL. Here’s what they’re saying about us….

Thank you for helping us firm up our wandering thoughts at a crucial point in time. We were decided, then undecided on the way forward. Now, as you know, we have chosen our path with your guidance and gentle encouragement. We appreciated your blunt, wise, practical advice. Your direct, no soft-shoe analysis and advice recalibrated our entire direction. We are now in a position of financial security and peace of mind. We have a very happy new investment account that will fund all the travel we can ever hope for, if the pandemic allows us to ever travel again!
DP and MQ, retired professionals

We can’t say enough about the excellent counsel and professional advice we received from Stewart & Kett! Their genuine concern for our family’s welfare, and caring, thoughtful approach to our financial planning is what impressed us most. Their quality of service is above and beyond what we’ve experienced with other firms. The best part about working with the people at Stewart & Kett is the personal connection: during our interactions, we always felt that we were more than just another client. Without reservation, we’ve enthusiastically recommended their services to our close friends and relatives.
C. L., educator, and C. L., professor and author

Dear Cynthia, Your keeping an eye on our finances give us so much peace of mind, and it’s a treat working with you.
SG & GG, retirees

Stewart & Kett’s money makeover for the Toronto Star set me on the right financial path to pay off my mortgage in record time.
S.C., author

Cynthia, I just wanted to send a short note updating you of my financial status and thanking you again for giving me the confidence to continue as a self directed investor way back in 2010/2011. To be honest, I never imagined in a million years that I would be a millionaire at any point in my life whatsoever! I enjoyed your calm and sensible manner, your patient advice, and your ability to speak plain English when discussing investments and financial matters.
SG, semi-retired technical writer

Cynthia takes the time to get to know you and your financial goals, and makes complicated financial information easy to understand, even pleasant! After a few sessions with her, our financial lives were better organized, and our path forward very clear. We’ve been able to achieve more than we expected with her big picture analysis, financial planning fluency and guidance. I’ve recommended her to several friends. Working with Cynthia is like having an expert, coach and cheerleader all at once.
S. F. and S. M., journalists

There is a confidence that comes working with Stewart & Kett, knowing that your affairs are being managed efficiently, in your best interest and a cost effective manner. What’s unique about this firm is their menu of services…and that their fees are based on time spent – not on what product they can sell you or on the size of your portfolio.
S. F., business owner

We were very pleased with Stewart & Kett’s thorough approach, attention to detail and their entire process.

L. and L. K., retired business owners

Stewart & Kett came highly recommended to my wife and I by a friend. We established a good rapport and felt very comfortable with Cynthia; we weren’t treated like “just another client” or talked down to, which was important to us.  Over the years, our needs have changed from simple accounting and tax related work to financial/estate planning, advice for our small business and implementing regular financial reviews with our broker. Cynthia’s ability to explain complex financial matters to us in easy, understandable terms has been invaluable.

J. S., retired corporate executive and business owner

Stewart & Kett’s fees have more than paid for themselves through returns and savings since I became a client over ten years ago. David Stewart and Andrew Rice are attentive and accessible. I have 25 years of direct experience in financial services, and the depth of detail provided by Stewart & Kett has still given me significant, valuable insight. Having an independent, advice-only financial advisor is a sound strategy, and Stewart & Kett has been the logical, validated choice for my family and me.
R. W., former Sr. VP, major Canadian bank

Cynthia Kett has been excellent (and efficient!) in her handling of my financial affairs for many years. Cynthia was recommended to me by a well-known Toronto lawyer, and since then Stewart & Kett has assisted me with personal and corporate income taxes, investments, insurance and retirement and estate planning. It’s my great pleasure to give Stewart & Kett a ringing endorsement for their fine work on my behalf.
K. B., retired business owner

Since our first financial planning with David Stewart in 1990, we’ve benefited from Stewart & Kett’s advice on our personal, corporate and trust cash management, investment advisors and policies, education funding, retirement and estate planning,…even our taxes. Stewart & Kett consistently deliver expert insights, and thoughtful financial guidance. They really listen and work closely with us to provide the advice our family needs.  Their help over the years has been invaluable.
S. H., lawyer and H.B., senior civil servant

We rely on Stewart & Kett for financial counselling because they provide timely advice at a fair price. They’ve invested the time to get to know our family and the intricacies of our finances. Stewart & Kett are impartial when assessing opportunities, so we never feel they’re trying to sell us something. They also don’t charge for minor questions and requests, which is refreshing! Last, but not least, we like, trust and respect Cynthia personally. She and her team are highly professional in all of their dealings.
G. T., former President & CEO of a public corporation

We’ve worked with David Stewart and Andrew Rice for over twenty years and find them open, friendly and totally professional. Their integrity, attention to detail and timely reporting gives us the confidence and comfort we need in our finances.
A. G., former President of a major multinational technology company and E. G., former executive of a Canadian industrial company

Stewart & Kett does our tax returns… and has advised us on how to reduce the taxes we pay. Their investment advice has helped keep our portfolio successful. They’ve even crunched the numbers to see if complicated financial decisions (like buying universal life insurance) are good investments for us. Over and above our business relationship, we find the people at Stewart & Kett friendly and easy to talk to. We count ourselves lucky to have them as our financial planners.
M. C., retired business owner

Stewart & Kett were recommended by a colleague and I’ve been a client since. I like their straightforward approach: they quickly assess my needs, are very responsive, and client-focussed. Along with preparing my personal and business taxes, they’ve advised me on investments, retirement, my company and my estate.
M. C., retired business owner

Cynthia has such integrity. She truly cares about my family’s well-being; I appreciate that even more than the excellent advising, which is always first class. My family and I appreciate the objectivity Stewart & Kett’s advice-only approach brings to our unique circumstances and finances. They’ve been with us to help plan career changes, marriage, post-secondary education, retirement, and our estate. They prepare our tax returns and handle communications with the Canada Revenue Agency on our behalf. They’re an invaluable personal finance resource.
J. D., investment executive

For 20+ years, David Stewart has done my taxes and net worth statements, kept stock option and other equity holdings records, rated the performance of my investment managers, assessed alternative investment strategies and more. His expert oversight on everything from tracking my business’ GST to purchasing property in the USA, to whether I should lease or buy a car has given me peace of mind.
S. S., retired VP Human Resources, multinational pharmaceutical company