Our Approach

While we can assist clients with projects in a consulting capacity, we excel at developing deep, long-standing relationships with our clients and their families. Our unique process is divided into four distinct stages.

1. Financial Assessment

We start with a Financial Assessment whereby you provide relevant documents and information so we may conduct a thorough assessment of your financial situation. Through our analysis, we will identify your strengths, opportunities, and priorities and help you create a powerful vision of the future. There is a fixed fee for this initial step. It does not result in a financial plan but lays the foundation for a financial planning engagement.

2. Financial Planning Engagement

Next, working closely with you and your advisory team, we will provide a financial planning engagement representing the services and strategies best suited to your unique needs. The Financial Assessment allows us to provide a fixed-fee proposal for the initial and subsequent years, so you have control over the timing, content, and cost of the services you choose. As a guideline, typical minimum fees for the first year would be $6,000.

3. Implementation Management

In the third stage, we will manage the implementation of your financial plan, ensure details are followed through to completion, and keep you up to date on the progress. Ensuring all steps are carried out, in the correct order, and that nothing is missed, is essential to you achieving the maximum benefits of your financial plan.

4. Ongoing Financial Management and Oversight

To improve, maintain, or enhance your wealth requires consistent attention and effort. Therefore, in the fourth stage, we will offer ongoing financial management and oversight to keep you current and up-to-date and to coordinate your advisory team to ensure you receive the benefits of the strategies you have chosen to pursue. Also, when circumstances change, your financial plan will have to adapt accordingly.

By completing these stages, you will have clearly defined goals and a plan to achieve them. You will have integrated, organized, and simplified your affairs. You will have a great support system for managing your affairs as your financial circumstances evolve.