Portfolio Assessment

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How is my portfolio really doing?

When you want to be sure, we’ll take a detailed look. With an eye squarely focussed on your investment goals and unique circumstances, we’ll analyze your current investment arrangements to see just how well they’re working for you.

An initial portfolio assessment can be as general or as detailed as you wish. Some things we consider:

  • Your investment knowledge, experience, and goals
  • Your future cash flow requirements and investment time horizons
  • The level of risk or volatility you’re comfortable with
  • The rate of return required to reach your financial objectives
  • The types and proportions of investments you wish to own
  • Your desired degree of involvement in managing your portfolio
  • The costs associated with your portfolio
  • Your portfolio’s past performance relative to your required rate of return, appropriate composite index, and performance of other managers with similar investment mandates

We’ll compare the results of our analysis to your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to see where your portfolio is performing well…and where there’s room for improvement. If you don’t currently have an Investment Policy Statement, we’ll prepare one for you.

We strongly encourage clients to have their portfolio assessed on an annual basis.