Manager Search


Looking for a new investment manager? We’ll find one that’s a perfect fit.

Most relationships with an investment manager are expected to be long-term, so when you’re in the market to find one for the first time – or if you’re considering a switch – we understand just how significant a decision that is.

Let us take the guesswork out of your ideal portfolio manager search. Our comprehensive process begins by establishing exactly what your investment objectives are and developing a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). From there, we:

  1. Screen quantitative investment performance information from pension and mutual fund managers, members of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada, and other firms that may be suitable for your circumstances
  2. Apply our structured, proven approach to narrow your contenders to a choice few
  3. Examine the qualitative aspects of each of the remaining firms to determine if the factors that led to their past success are still in place
  4. Consider issues like cost, minimum asset requirements, and level of client service
  5. Meet with you to discuss our recommendations
  6. Interview, together, the potential managers you select
  7. Recap each interview with you to discuss your impressions and answer any questions you have
  8. Meet after all the potential manager interviews are complete to address any outstanding issues or questions
  9. Help you make a confident final decision based on your IPS and the results of our process
  10. Monitor the transfer of funds to your new manager(s) and review your initial investment plan (where applicable).

Once arrangements are in place with your new portfolio manager, we strongly recommend annual portfolio assessments to ensure the management process continues to meet your investment needs.