“How much is enough?”

Let us give you peace of mind. We’ll assess your financial readiness and craft a plan that helps you achieve your unique retirement goals. Take the anxiety out – and put the excitement back in – to what should be the time of your life.


Will you have the resources needed for your retirement?  Are your expectations and timelines realistic? Our stress testing runs scenarios that take into account:

  • Your current savings rate
  • Your investment portfolios
  • Your retirement expenditure levels
  • Different rates of return

The result: A snapshot of how your retirement goals are shaping up and where there are gaps to be filled, to create the incredible retirement you deserve.

Note: This service is ideal for those who plan to retire in more than five years time.


For those heading into retirement with complex financial situations or seeking a detailed “blueprint” showing year-by-year expected cash flows, we offer Comprehensive Lifestyle Projections (CLP). An invaluable tool in conscientiously moving toward your retirement, CLP also offer useful insights that may inform investment portfolio or estate planning decisions.

Your carefully constructed blueprint will factor in every variable you can think of (and maybe a few we suggest!) that may impact your cash flows including, but not limited to:

  • Your regular cash expenditures
  • Special or time-limited expenses (major vacations, cars, real estate purchases, sales, renovations)
  • Dependants
  • Employer pension plans, stock options, and severance packages
  • Income from and/or wind-up of private corporations
  • Investment real estate
  • Inheritances or other cash windfalls
  • Investment (or draw down of investment) assets
  • Division of marital assets, support payments
  • Pension income-splitting
  • Your Tax planning

Your projections also provide the estimated annual values of your investment accounts. This makes benchmarking your finances relative to your lifestyle plans simple, with any variances proactively spotted, analyzed, and properly addressed.