Family Office

Best suited to families with complex finances, these services often include situations where there are privately held corporations, family trusts, diverse investment holdings or multiple generations involved.

Familial financial planning needn’t be a source of friction. Fiscal discussions held in a caring, professional setting may encourage family unity and move you toward your mutual goals. Our breadth of experience combined with an abiding commitment to the families we serve has made S&K a trusted, objective third party, where the delicate nature of personal relationships and conflicting individual needs often play a part. We’re here to advise and support your family with all of your financial planning and administrative needs, including:

  • Managing financial paperwork
  • Providing in-depth financial analysis
  • Aiding objective, informed, and thoughtful decision making
  • Communicating with regard to the management of your family’s financial enterprises
  • Monitoring and interpreting financial activity (cash flows, investment transactions)
  • Preparing timely tax reporting for individuals, private holding companies, and family trusts
  • Coordinating communication between family members and other interested parties
  • Organizing and moderating family meetings regarding financial matters
  • Counselling individual family members on their own finances to maximize the benefits of strategies taken by the family as a whole

Retainer fees based on $355 per hour + HST (minimum $12,000 per year)