We’re available to serve as your primary, joint or alternate executor/trustee, act as an agent to your chosen executors/trustees, and advise on the use of trustees’ discretionary powers with regard to beneficiary needs and requests. When necessary, our team is also happy to provide thoughtful, impartial mediation of discussions between beneficiaries.

Other executor services we offer include:

  • Locating and examining your will or trust documents
  • Making funeral arrangements, if necessary
  • Probating your will to confirm the authority to act as executor/trustee of the estate
  • Identifying, collecting, and protecting your estate’s (or your trust’s) assets
  • Determining and securing benefits and entitlements due to your estate or trust
  • Communicating with interested parties
  • Settling outstanding liabilities
  • Making income tax elections
  • Preparing and filing tax, beneficiary and other compliance reporting
  • Administering and distributing your estate/trust assets in accordance with your will or trust document

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