Effective upon your death, your will is legally binding and outlines your final wishes and instructions to your executors and trustees on how to manage your assets. In helping you plan your will, we’re here to:

  • Prepare your estate net worth
  • Assess your life insurance needs (for survivors’ needs, liquidity or to enhance an estate)
  • Tax plan for your estate
  • Discuss potential conflict between your beneficiaries
  • Plan for your business succession and wind-up
  • Prepare and send will instructions to your estates lawyer
  • Draft and review legal documents
  • Provide executor and trustee services.
  • Advise you on specific issues or aspects of estate planning including, but not limited to:
    • Intestacy (dying without a will)
    • Appointing executors, trustees, and alternates
    • Timing and distribution of assets to beneficiaries (either outright or using testamentary trusts)
    • Tax considerations
    • Guardianship of minor beneficiaries
    • The impact of family law provisions

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