Financial Check-Up

Your fiscal wellness is important. Our “check-up” is an overview of your financial health and may include your:

  • Short, medium and long-term financial goals
  • Sources of income (before and after taxes)
  • Continuing and limited-time expenses
  • Assets (investment accounts, real estate, personal assets, businesses)
  • Debt (student loans, retail loans, credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit)
  • Insurance needs and policies
  • Estate (wills and powers of attorney for property and personal care)

Before your Financial Check-Up, we’ll ask that you provide us with certain financial information to review in advance.  We’ll then meet to:

  • Discuss the information,
  • Identify issues to be addressed, and
  • Provide a “to do” list to help bring your financial health up to snuff

Following the meeting, you’ll be offered the choice to prepare a memorandum of the meeting or to have us do so.  We’ve found that if clients prepare the memo, it helps them to internalize the points discussed and allows us to identify items that may have been missed or which require clarification.  This process also helps to make the Check-Up more cost-effective for you.

A follow-up meeting may also be recommended to ensure your listed tasks are implemented as efficiently as possible.

$1,000 + HST (initial phone discussion; pre-meeting document review; 1.5 hour meeting; and review of client-prepared memo)

$1,500 + HST (as above, with substitution of S&K-prepared memo, or additional follow-up meeting and review)