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Our staff are regularly interviewed in the media discussing financial topics of interest to our clients



Getting retirement ready in turbulent times

Getting retirement ready in turbulent times

Morningstar, Diana Cawfield For many pre-retirees or those entering retirement, the repercussions of COVID-19 and market turbulence have added new fears to their financial future. Yet this is the very time for these investors to carefully prepare for the future....

Investing in your 60s

Investing in your 60s

“If you haven’t done any retirement planning,” says Cynthia Kett, advice-only financial planner at Toronto-based Stewart and Kett Financial Advisors, “this is the time to do it, in your 60s.” When transitioning into retirement, Kett “strongly” recommends that individuals do what’s called an investment policy statement.

Pay down the mortgage? Or build up your RRSP?

Morningstar, Vikram Barhat How to decide? Cynthia Kett, a principal with the advice-only firm Stewart & Kett Financial Advisors Inc. in Toronto, suggests considering your mortgage rate on a pre-tax basis. "If you're in a 50% marginal tax bracket, your pre-tax...