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Advice for newlyweds: How to manage your money

Jan 25, 2012 Canadian Living Media, Christa Connell

Now that the wedding has come and gone and you’re settling into newlywed life, it’s time to discuss your finances. If you haven’t already had this conversation, it can be intimidating. But despite any discomfort, now is the time to set goals and assess where you stand financially — as a unit, as well as individually — so you can look forward to a happier, more secure future.

By being proactive and prepared when it comes to their financial futures, couples can avoid conflicts that put undue stress on their relationships. To get in-depth advice on how to make the money talk happen, we spoke with Cynthia Kett, a chartered accountant and certified financial planner with the firm Stewart and Kett Financial Advisors. She shared some of the biggest financial pitfalls to avoid once you tie the knot.

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