Additional services bring advisors more business

17 December 2009
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Advisors must do a better job of making clients aware of ancillary services they can provide – especially tax planning and preparation – either within their own offices or through affiliates, say participants at our 2009 Dollars & Sense roundtable discussion.

James R. Taylor, CLU, Financial Health Management, Toronto, noted 47% of advisors responding they didn’t receive any additional services from an advisor or other professional was an indication of “weakness in making sure information is put in front of clients.”

Cynthia Kett, CA, CGA, RFP, CFP, Stewart & Kett Financial Advisors Inc., Toronto, had a slightly different take. “If I were a client, I’d realize one advisor may not be able to do everything for me,” she says. “And that’s all right. If everybody does what they do well, maybe the client will be better served in the end.”

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