Are you seeking an advisor who can assist you with all aspects of your finances?

Skeptical of recommendations made by advisors who also sell financial products?

Do you wonder how recent life changes will impact your future finances?

We can help.

About Stewart & Kett

Founded by veteran financial professionals David Stewart and Cynthia Kett, Stewart & Kett has been offering unbiased financial advice since 1996.  We were one of the first financial planning firms in Toronto to adopt an “advice-only” approach, which is grounded in one underlying philosophy:

We act in your best interests, and your best interests alone.

So, unlike some financial advisors, we offer fully transparent pricing and are paid directly by you – never by investment companies or banks for selling products, and without hidden commissions, trailer fees or sales bonuses. Our method is unique in its complete commitment to you, and your financial future. It’s what has helped our Canadian clients, whether living in Canada or in foreign countries, prosper for over two decades.

We offer a full spectrum of fee-only financial planning and tax services customized to fit your distinct needs. For the big decisions and the small, if you have questions, concerns or want advice pertaining to money, we have you covered.

The Stewart & Kett team is known for our expertise and the exceptional, longstanding relationships we build with our clients. Whether you’re just beginning to put your fiscal pieces in place, or have a solid start on where you want your finances to be, you can be confident that with us in your corner, your money will work harder – and better – for you, your family, and your future.

In our downtown Toronto office, by email, video call, or phone, we’d love to chat about making your financial goals a reality.

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