We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships with our clients. Proper financial planning requires candid discussions on many aspects of our clients’ lives. Our genuine concern for their overall well-being and our respect for their privacy let clients feel secure in their communications with us.

Their full disclosure enables us to do effective financial planning for them. Many of our clients have commented that we are the only advisor that examines all aspects of their finances on an ongoing basis.

We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful clients. A number of them have been kind enough to provide testimonials for us. Their comments provide evidence that the above assertions we have made are true.

“Thank you so much for all that you did on our behalf.

We were very pleased with the entire (manager search) process, thanks in large part to your thorough approach and attention to detail.”

L. and L. K., retired business owners

“Although Stewart & Kett was recommended to us by a friend, my wife and I interviewed 4 additional firms. It was extremely important for each of us to feel we were a) not being treated as “just another client” and b) to feel we were not “being talked down to.” This turned out to be the case with several of the other firms. In the end we felt very comfortable with the initial rapport we established with Cynthia Kett.

Over the years we have been dealing with Stewart & Kett (since 1995), our needs have changed and broadened from simply accounting/tax related work to include financial/estate planning and advice from time to time on other business matters i.e.: small business/consulting company start up; implementing regular financial reviews with our broker.

We have found Cynthia’s ability to explain complex financial/tax matters to us in easily understandable terms invaluable. Additionally, our broker has been very impressed with the firm’s work on both our estate planning and financial reviews.”

J. S., retired corporate executive and business owner

“I have found David Stewart, and his associate Andrew Rice, to be engaging, attentive, accessible, and informative. The fees charged may appear high at first glance; however they have much more than paid for themselves through the returns and savings I have realized since becoming a client in 2005. I have 25 years of direct experience in the field of financial services, and while I feel I have a relatively sophisticated knowledge of a broad range of topics that I have utilized Stewart and Kett on, the depth of detail provided by them have added significant value. I concur with the assessment that an independent, advice-only financial advisor is a sound strategy, and Stewart and Kett have been the logical, and validated, choice for my family and me.”

R. W., former Sr. VP, major Canadian bank

“I have been a satisfied client of Stewart & Kett since 1993, during which time I’ve received the benefit of Cynthia Kett’s competent, excellent and efficient handling of my affairs.

Initially, I required the services of a new accounting firm. Cynthia was recommended to me by a well-known Toronto lawyer of my acquaintance. I found that after paying exorbitant fees to one of the big five firms, I found mistakes in my financial statements. I looked for a smaller firm who would have a hands-on CA with Cynthia’s breadth of experience.

Since then, Stewart & Kett has assisted me with personal and corporate income taxes, investments, insurance and retirement and estate planning.

It gives me great pleasure to give Stewart & Kett a ringing endorsement for their fine work on my behalf.”

K. B., retired business owner

“Since we first sought financial planning guidance from David Stewart in 1990, we have benefited from Stewart & Kett’s advice on cash flow management, investment advisors and policies, education funding, retirement and estate planning and personal, corporate and trust tax advice including annual tax return preparation. Stewart & Kett always provides us with expert advice, timely follow-up and thoughtful guidance on our increasingly complex financial decisions. As important, they consistently deliver on their commitments.

They listen and work closely with us so they understand us and can provide advice that responds to our personal and family needs. As well, they ensure that we follow through on important financial decisions. In short, Stewart and Kett’s assistance over the years has been invaluable to us.”

S. H., lawyer and H.B., senior civil servant

“I have been a client of Stewart & Kett since 1994 and that alone should speak volumes. Over that time I have been totally impressed with the excellent level of service I have received from the firm. All of the dealings I have had, both for personal and corporate matters, have been handled in a highly competent and professional manner. This, coupled with their friendly and personable attitude, has made the relationship most enjoyable. I highly recommend them.”

D. L., business owner

“The reason we have relied on Stewart & Kett for personal tax planning, tax preparation and general financial counselling since 1994 is because you have provided competent and timely advice and service at a fair price. You have invested in getting to know our family and our financial landscape. We never have the feeling that you are trying to sell us something and as a result you are impartial in assessing opportunities on which we seek your advice. You don’t charge for minor questions and requests which is refreshing. Last but not least you are highly professional in all your dealings plus we like, trust and respect Cynthia personally.”

G. T., President & CEO of a public corporation

“Since working with David Stewart and Andrew Rice from 1999, we have found their service open, friendly and totally professional. Their integrity, proactive attention to detail and timely reporting provides us with the level of confidence and comfort we require.”

A. G., former President of a major multinational technology company
E. G., former executive of a Canadian industrial company

“Stewart & Kett has been doing our annual income tax returns since 1994 and has advised us on matters that have reduced our taxes. We have not experienced one problem with taxes since the firm has provided us with tax services.

Over and above doing our taxes, Cynthia Kett and a lawyer of her choice put together our wills. After the wills were drafted, Cynthia corrected errors that would not be noticed by a novice in these matters.

Stewart & Kett has given us advice on investments and have been helpful in keeping our investments on the right track. This advice has made our portfolio successful. With complicated decisions like buying Universal Life Insurance, the firm crunched the numbers to see if these products would be a good investment or not.

Over and above our business relationship we find the people at Stewart and Kett friendly, easy to talk to, and feel lucky to have them as our financial planners.”

D. N., retired corporate executive

“I have been a client of Stewart & Kett since 2002. Since that time they have provided me with advice regarding personal income taxes, investments, retirement, my company and my estate. They have also provided personal tax return preparation for both me and my former company.

I met with them on the advice of a colleague and retained them because I liked their straight forward approach, their obvious experience and their professionalism, what I perceived to be their technical ability and their client focus. I have found that this assessment was correct. They were quick to assess my needs and have always been very responsive.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

M. C., retired business owner

“My family and I have been clients of Stewart & Kett since 2000. We appreciate the objectivity they bring to our finances: their advice-only approach gives us comfort that their recommendations are appropriate to our unique circumstances. They have assisted us in planning for many life events: career changes, marriage, post-secondary education, retirement, and estate issues. Income tax planning is an integral part of all their services. They prepare our annual tax returns and handle communication with the tax authorities on our behalf. We have found Stewart & Kett to be an invaluable personal finance resource.

I was referred to Stewart & Kett by someone I trusted who said that the firm was very professional and independent. I found that to be the case. I wanted a financial planner who did not sell product and who worked for a fee only. Objectivity was the key.

Sometimes in life and in business you meet people who are only there to help you when times are good or easy. I discovered that Cynthia Kett actually cared about me and my children’s well being and that she was prepared to maintain her objectivity even in difficult times. She helped me as a person. It showed me that she had a high level of integrity. I appreciated that more than the excellent service itself, which has always been first class.”

J. D., investment executive

“I have been a client of David Stewart since 1996. David prepares my income tax annually, regularly updates my net worth statement, keeps accurate records of stock options and other equity holdings including book values, reports on the performance of my investment managers, helps me assess alternative investment strategies and vehicles, and much more. He is a valuable resource for questions pertaining to everything from tracking of GST for a small business, purchasing property in the USA, to whether to lease or buy a car. Overall, David’s oversight of my financial affairs improves my peace of mind.”

S. S., retired VP Human Resources, multinational pharmaceutical company