Investment Consulting – Manager Search

If you are not satisfied with your existing portfolio arrangements, then you may wish to have us search for a suitable investment manager for you.

The choice of investment manager is never an easy decision and it is usually one with which most people have little experience. The need for a new manager or a switch from an existing manager is not a common occurrence – any relationship with an investment manager is expected to be a long-term one. For this reason, a careful and thorough choice needs to be made at the outset.

We commence with a full understanding of your investment objectives, upon which we develop your Investment Policy Statement. Our extensive, thorough manager search process continues as follows:

  1. We screen a vast amount of quantitative investment performance information from the following sources: pension fund managers, mutual fund managers, members of the Investment Counsel Association of Canada and other firms of which we have knowledge.
  2. Based on your requirements, we will apply our structured approach to narrow the choices down to a few.
  3. We examine qualitative issues for each selected firm to determine whether the factors that led to the managers’ success in the past are still in place.
  4. We also consider issues such as cost, minimum asset requirements and level of client service.
  5. We will meet with you to discuss our recommendations and then together we will interview the potential managers that you select.
  6. After each interview, we will recap the meeting with you to discuss your impressions and to answer any further questions that you might have.
  7. When all the manager meetings are completed, we will address any outstanding issues to assist you in making a final decision.
  8. Finally, we monitor the transfer of funds to the new manager or managers and review the initial investment plan (if one had not been presented earlier).

Once arrangements are in place, we strongly recommend annual portfolio assessments to ensure that the management process continues to meet your investment needs.

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