Financial Planning – Retirement

Our retirement planning services can provide you with peace of mind by assessing the adequacy of your financial resources for retirement. Our analysis can be as general or as detailed as you wish.

A general retirement planning overview will provide you with a notion of whether or not you will have sufficient resources for retirement. This type of assessment may be sufficient for you if your retirement date is more than 5 years into the future.

However, if you plan to retire within the next 5 years or if you have already retired, you may find our detailed retirement planning analysis more appropriate. Personalized, year-by-year projections for your expected lifetime can be used as a “blueprint” for retirement cash flows.

The projections help to identify the rate of return required to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle. They also provide insight into your annual:

  • Withdrawals from and additions to your investment portfolios;
  • Estimated taxes payable; and
  • Estimated future portfolio values.

The projections can also help to estimate your potential estate values for estate planning purposes.

Retirement planning services

  • Clarify your retirement priorities;
  • Calculate your required annual savings for retirement;
  • Prepare your personalized retirement projections, including special receipts and disbursements;
  • Analyze your pension plan alternatives and post-retirement group benefits;
  • Plan for your business succession and wind-up; and
  • Plan for tax minimization during your retirement.