Financial Planning – Personalized Solutions

From time to time you may be faced with making out-of-the-ordinary financial planning decisions, ones which may require a customized analysis to fully understand the options available to you.

Our experience in dealing with situations that may be similar to your own can enable us to efficiently provide the information and advice that you need in order for you to achieve a favourable outcome.

Personalized financial planning solutions may be necessary when life events occur, such as:

  • Personal events: birth or adoption of children, marriage, separation, divorce, disability, death in the family, inheritances;
  • Employment events: job offers, job severance, benefit plans, stock options, pension choices, business start-up, business succession;
  • Other events: moving out of or into Canada, sabbaticals, house purchase or sale, education funding.

Life-event financial planning decisions are often hasty and emotionally driven. Our team of independent financial planners can bring reasoned and knowledgeable advice to these types of important financial planning decisions.