Wills – Executor

We are available to serve as your primary, joint or alternate executor/trustee when suitable choices for the roles are limited. Alternatively, we can act as an agent to your executors/trustees.

We can provide independent, professional administration of your estate/trust assets, including if necessary, the impartial mediation of discussions between your beneficiaries. In addition, we can objectively apply or advise on the use of trustees’ discretionary powers with regard to your beneficiaries’ needs and requests.


  • Locate and examine your Will or trust document
  • Make funeral arrangements, if necessary
  • Probate your Will to confirm the authority to act as executor/trustee of the estate
  • Identify, collect and protect your estate’s or your trust’s assets
  • Determine and secure benefits and entitlements due to your estate or to your trust
  • Communicate with interested parties
  • Settle outstanding liabilities
  • Make income tax elections
  • Prepare and file tax, beneficiary and other compliance reporting on a timely basis
  • Administer and distribute your estate/trust assets in accordance with your Will or trust document

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