Estate – Powers of Attorney

The Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care are only valid during your lifetime.

In the Power of Attorney for Property, you designate someone to deal with your personal finances in your absence, inability or incapacity.

In the Power of Attorney for Personal Care, you designate someone to make decisions for you when you are incapable of doing so yourself regarding: health care (including authority to refuse or consent to medical treatment), shelter, nutrition, clothing, safety and hygiene.

Powers of Attorney services

  • Prepare your Current Net Worth;
  • Assess your health, disability, long-term care and critical illness insurance needs;
  • Present issues such as:
    • Substitute Decisions provisions (if you do not appoint an attorney);
    • Appointment of attorneys and alternates;
    • Circumstances for which you wish to provide specific instructions;
    • Alter Ego and Joint Partner trusts;
    • Tax considerations;
    • The impact of family law provisions; and
    • Other important clauses.
  • Discuss potential conflict between family members;
  • Plan for your business succession and wind-up;
  • Prepare Powers of Attorney instructions to your estates lawyer;
  • Review draft legal documents; and
  • Provide Attorney for Property Services.

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