Estate – Attorney

We are available to serve as your primary, joint or alternate attorney for property when suitable choices for the roles are limited. Alternatively, we can act as an agent to your attorney for property.

We can provide independent, professional administration of your affairs, including if necessary, the impartial mediation of discussions between family members. However, our principal duty and obligation as your attorney for property, or as agent to your attorney for property, is to you.

Attorney for property services

  • Locate and examine your power of attorney for property document
  • Present your power of attorney for property to relevant parties
  • Identify, collect and protect your assets
  • Determine and secure benefits and entitlements due to you
  • Communicate with interested parties
  • Settle outstanding liabilities
  • Make income tax elections
  • Prepare and file tax and other compliance reporting on a timely basis
  • Administer income and assets for your benefit

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