Financial Planning – Estate

Your Will, Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care are three separate documents. However, the financial planning for all three is often done simultaneously.

Each one enables you to appoint, in writing, substitute decision-makers and to declare your intentions with respect to your financial and personal affairs.

While many people deal directly with an estate planning lawyer for these important documents, we are uniquely qualified to assist in the estate planning process because:

  • We have full knowledge of our clients’ financial and family circumstances, often as a result of a long-standing advisory relationship with them;
  • We are experienced and efficient in compiling the financial information that estates lawyers require – in many ways, it is the same data that we assemble for financial planning purposes; and
  • We regularly advise clients with regard to estate/trust tax and administrative issues and serve as a resource for their beneficiaries.

Our estate planning services are not a duplication of the work that is performed by an estates lawyer – they are complementary. He or she adds legal advice to the foundation that we lay. (If you do not have an estates lawyer, we would be pleased to recommend a suitable one for you.)

You will gain a better understanding of the process and how it applies to your situation because:

  • We clarify relevant concepts so that you understand their importance;
  • We present alternative strategies and discuss why one may be more appropriate for you than another; and
  • We review and explain the draft documents from a family and financial planning perspective.

Powers of Attorney