Family Office

Our family office services are best suited to families in Toronto and surrounding areas who have complex financial situations. There may be multiple generations involved, privately-held corporations, family trusts and diverse investment holdings.

Our breadth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of personal finance such as: cash management, tax, investments, retirement, insurance and estates allow us to offer comprehensive advice and support to families with regard to financial planning and administration. We can assist with the paperwork, analysis, decision-making, and communication associated with the management of families’ financial enterprises.

Family members with conflicting needs may have difficulty reaching an agreement on financial issues. Our independent, third-party role can provide objectivity when financial decisions are required. We are sensitive to the delicate nature of family relationships and our assistance can help to ensure that finances do not create unnecessary conflict among family members.

Family office services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Account for, monitor and interpret financial activity such as cash flows and investment transactions;
  • Provide analysis to assist in financial decision-making;
  • Ensure timely tax reporting for individuals, private holding companies and family trusts;
  • Coordinate communication between family members and other interested parties;
  • Organize and moderate family meetings; and
  • Counsel individual family members regarding the structure of their own finances to maximize the benefits of strategies taken for the family as a whole.