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Welcome to Stewart & Kett

Welcome to
Stewart & Kett

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We’re celebrating our firm’s 20th anniversary in 2016!

Celebrating 20 years and counting!

Stewart & Kett Financial Advisors Inc. is an advice-only financial planning, investment consulting, and tax services firm located in downtown Toronto.

“Advice-only” means that we provide professional advice on an hourly or retainer basis.

  • Our compensation is not tied to financial products, referrals or the value of your assets, which distinguishes us from most other firms;
  • Our objectivity means that we face no constraints or conflicts of interest in the choice of financial solutions; and
  • Our approach is designed to help you feel secure in fully disclosing your circumstances, so that we can provide you with comprehensive advice to make good financial decisions.

We invite you to call or meet with us, on a complimentary basis, to determine how we might be able to help you.